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Your low-cost, high- visibility, broad-reach champion

For just pennies-per household, you can reach 9 out of 10 U.S. households. Saturate entire or partial markets. The wrap is dedicated to helping both businesses and consumers get more for their money and to finding America's missing children.

  • Reach up to 78 million households weekly, up to 115 million biweekly
  • Targeted by zones comprised of multiple ZIP Codes
  • Eagerly anticipated by shoppers every week
  • Advertise on the front, back or inside covers
  • Positive affiliation with America’s Looking For Its Missing Children® program
Combination options available: Combo Front (front and inside front), Combo Back (back and inside back) and Combo Outside (front and back)

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High readership

83% engage with Valassis Shared Mail

That’s a lot of looks! A 2018 NPD Awareness-to-Activation Study shows that of those who were aware of our mail package, 83% read or looked at it. (19,515 respondents)
65 of the top 100 retailers

That’s nearly 2/3 of the Top 100 Retailers advertising on our Wrap or Inserts

  • 11 of Top 11 Supermarkets
  • 14 of Top 18 Restaurants
  • 5 of Top 6 Home Goods Retailers
  • 4 of Top 4 Small Value Stores
  • 3 of Top 5 Department Stores
Source: NRF STORES Magazine, June 2016; Valassis proprietary data 2016

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flyers-stat1 *Valassis Response Analytics Database (RAD)

Clipper Magazine
Gain recognition in your community with an effective magazine

Clipper Magazine (also published as Local Flavor, Mint Magazine, Savvy Shopper, Home & Décor Ideas, and Prestigious Living) is a community-oriented direct mail magazine that is proven to increase visibility, store traffic and sales. Over 217 million magazines mailed annually in 27 states.

  • Full-color ads professionally designed, printed and mailed
  • Cost-effective rates, as low as pennies per household
  • 401 local market editions and specialty publications mail 6-12 times/year
  • Extended shelf life of 7 weeks for long-term exposure

postcards-stat1 *Versus name only; Client studies
postcards-stat2 *Versus name only; Client studies
postcards-stat3 *Based on standard Direct Mail pricing
double digit increase
“The mailbox makes a HUGE difference in sales!... We had a double digit increase! If you look at just (the 5 day period, year over year) we are more like 32% up for those days!”

— Store Manager, Old Time Pottery

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