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Real opportunities: How & where to influence purchases

Learn what shopping decision drivers and segment nuances surfaced in the 2016 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Study.
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Survey asked: When do you make most of your apparel purchase decisions?

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What’s most important when deciding where to shop?

Top 3 answers among all respondents1
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For apparel coupons say 30% of respondents


Apparel shoppers make most of their purchase decisions at the store and at home.
One-third seek online coupons. Ensure you influence customers throughout their path to purchase with print & digital messages that resonate.

Source: 2016 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Study. N = 1,000 respondents. 1 Base = all respondents; 2 Base = Full-time or part-time employed and responding. Questions and responses are focused on the apparel category.
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