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How do you improve performance?

It’s a continuous process. Great back-end analytics fuel future campaign improvements. But ideally, it’s the infusion of pre-, during and post-campaign data intelligence that maximizes your advertising response and ROI. And it’s what sets Valassis apart with our intelligent media delivery.

focus on the right data

Make smarter use of your data

While a lot of data is good, meaningful data is better. See examples of useful data and where it applies at each stage with this chart.

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Data analysis led to improved Grand re-Opening strategy for retail chain

Sustained success for months
Store-level analytics – great for shopper marketing success

Using Ansa, powered by RSi*, proves how digital campaigns drive in-store sales. We leverage the daily point-of-sale (POS) data to:

  • Identify which stores to focus on and target around
  • Optimize delivery of digital ads based on real-time store sales & inventory
  • Measure and report ROI & sales lift
*Retail Solutions Inc.
Benchmarks for success

Valassis’ proprietary Response Analytics Database (RAD) allows you to set expectations, especially when utilizing our Performance Simulator, which is a useful tool when allocating your budget. We’ve compiled and studied over 35,000 marketing events and calculated response rates at a 90% confidence level. The database breaks out newspaper and mail printed inserts performance benchmarks. It categorizes purchases by type; i.e. ritual, reminder or research. Which type represents your brand?

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Vast data you couldn’t attain on your own

Gain access to a tremendous network of data not readily available or collectively affordable. Our intelligence experts will help you use the data properly to drive success. For example, acquire actionable insights on:

  • Campaign performance (Response analytics, awareness studies, etc.)
  • Consumer landscape (Coupon use, shopping trends, economic environment, etc.)
  • Media landscape (Readership, media influence, advertising spend, etc.)
  • Retail and category trends

Syndicated data sources such as:
Proprietary Coupon Redemption Data

With access to over 70% of the national offline coupon redemption data, Valassis Digital has the ability to target consumers who have redeemed coupons for a specific brand category. Our unique promotional data allows advertisers to reach more buyers of their products via custom segments and identifies price-conscious buyers.

Robust data points to find your shopper

Our unique combination of offline and online, mobile-first data provide a holistic, single view of your consumer. The elusive goal of astute marketers is fulfilled.

Full funnel measurement

Measuring success throughout the purchase funnel is key, knowing that your’ campaign objectives and media roles vary.


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