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They're planning big changes. Time to update your media.

Homes represent a major investment. So it makes sense in your industry that people take time to plan purchases that involve changes to their home. Utilizing an integrated print and digital media approach has allowed our home services clients to reach consumers throughout the entire shopper journey. We provide insights, ideas and media strategies to catch the consumer’s eye both inside and outside of the home.

Home Improvement Marketing

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Secure a portion of this multibillion dollar opportunity

  • 41% of U.S. households made home improvements last year
  • $2,638 average household spend
  • $106 billion total market opportunity
Source: Customizing to the Dynamic Home Improvement Shopper eBook

Prime your high-potential customers

While 62% of homeowners plan to make home improvements in the next year, two groups stand out:
  • 78% New homeowners
  • 79% Millennials
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Stay top of mind
A print + digital mix is vital, although share of influence varies by generation
home improvement media influence Source: Prosper Insights and Analytics, MBI Survey, Jan. 2017. Paid media only.
eBook: Customizing to the Dynamic Home Improvement Shopper

A builder’s beige approach to advertising won’t cut it. Discover differences in how your customers plan and shop – revealed in our proprietary study.

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Case study

HVAC dealer achieves higher response with custom postcards and dynamic mobile ads versus just digital alone.
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Home Security Marketing

Your millennial customers require more digital, especially mobile

Print, online and mobile represent 65% or more of all media influence on electronic purchases.
Electronic Media influence Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics, 2018

Case study

Leading home security provider drives awareness of home security offering with an integrated print + digital campaign.
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Campaign CTR 0.17%, Video Completion Rate 85%

Utility and Energy Provider Marketing


What’s the profile of the energy switcher?

  • Likely to be married (59%) with children (42%)
  • Middle class (income of $67K)
  • Men (54%) more so than women (46%)
  • Looking for lower rates or green options
Source: Scarborough Research, 2017

Consider the age gap

Consumers who plan to switch are more likely to be Gen X.
plan to switch energy provider in the next 12 months Source: Scarborough Research, 2017

Time your advertising

Don’t miss the peak times to be in the market

energy provider ad spend Source: Kantar Media, 2018

Turnkey print + digital campaigns

You’re busy. Let us handle and lend our expertise. It’s a simple process yielding stronger response for a lower cost. A single, integrated approach with one partner means fewer production costs/challenges, utilization of fewer resources and improved ROI.



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