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Whose PMA is it? Make it obvious with powerful advertising.

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Own and protect your PMA from your competition. How? Reach every potential opportunity in your backyard. It starts by identifying and targeting the right in-market auto shoppers. Then engage and activate them with specific, cohesive promotions across media channels, including mailbox, email, social media and mobile display.

Turnkey print + digital campaigns

You’re busy. Let us handle and lend our expertise. It’s a simple process yielding stronger response for a lower cost. A single, integrated approach with one partner means fewer production costs/challenges, utilization of fewer resources and improved ROI.

Media influence on consumer purchases

Source: Prosper Insights and Analytics, Adults 18+, January 2017


RedPlum Package

60% of all surveyed consumers reported making a purchase at least some of the time as a result of this media

NPD Awareness-To-Activation Study, April 2017, Purchased auto svcs, Have new auto/truck/van N=1,233
Advertising Targeting Zone (ATZ)

Valassis audience selection locates customers

Identify and map opportunity neighborhoods within your customer trade area using your data, our propensity data variables and/or external list overlays



Saturated coverage of your Primary Market Area. Targeted by propensity to purchase. Weekly distribution in most markets.

Solo Direct Mail

Available in a variety of sizes & formats. Saturation or specialty auto lists available. Standalone placement in mailbox.


Mail to as low as 10K homes. Highly targeted personalized messaging. Limited to one advertiser per week, per neighborhood.




Best for engaging prospects with customized messages and images. Economically delivered alongside RedPlum. Drives customer engagement & brand awareness.


Delivered to target audience the way they want to receive it. Drives customer engagement & brand awareness. Drives increased website traffic & dealer visits.


Our co-op department is your co-op department

We facilitate your compliance process by providing approved artwork, content and documentation to ensure every co-op dollar is used effectively and efficiently.
  • Approved co-op media for most automotive manufacturers
  • Process begins on the first of every month
  • Customize artwork according to local market conditions
  • Documentation assistance for submission to co-op manager
  • Minimal time and effort on the part of a dealership

Own your own PMA with comprehensive campaigns

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Consumers engage with the RedPlum package

  • 63% AWARE among those surveyed
  • 85% ENGAGE once they are aware
  • 60% ACT once they engage

Source: NPD Awareness-To-Activation Study, April 2017, Purchased auto services, Have new auto/truck/van, N=1,233

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