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mobile-marketing-stat *eMarketer Forecast, March 2017

Why Mobile is essential today


Way to engage the 92% of consumers who are multitasking while watching tv

Deloitte Digital Democracy Executive Summary, 2016

61% of all shoppers use mobile devices to save on their CPG purchases

*2K17 Coupon Intelligence Report

51% of shoppers make a purchase based on a mobile notification in the store

*2K17 Coupon Intelligence Report

Does your holiday campaign have enough punch?

7 in 10 shoppers no longer feel pressured to immediately jump at holiday deals (expecting discounts all season)*

How do you ignite action? Quick, get our “Holiday Punch” infographic for inspiration!


*"2017 Retail Holiday Planning Playbook," National Retail Federation

Last-minute holiday solutions

4 in 10 retailers will set aside over 25% of their holiday marketing budget for LAST-MINUTE promotional activity. (*"Tis the Season for Sales," RetailMeNot, 2017)

What choices do you still have in print & digital media?
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Display Ads

Newspaper ROP Ads

111% higher store visit lift” title=

Proof: get greater foot traffic results

See superior lift on in-store visits driven by our cross-device or mobile advertising.

Source: Foot Traffic Attribution Study by Placed

Announcing our new Consumer Activation Score

Who is promotionally sensitive in your category?
And where are they all hiding? Find out – to sharpen your targeting and optimize your current Coupon Book (FSI) ad campaign and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

Index Overview

Standard Mobile


This highly targeted media drives awareness and branding on contextually relevant sites and interest-based apps. Utilizes advanced targeting including location-based targeting to reach shoppers who have been to your retailer location or competitor location in the last 30 days.

Dynamic Mobile

How can you attract passersby?

Great way to build national campaign awareness with localized information and very timely calls to action. When consumers are near a particular store, ads allow them to:

  • Click to call, get directions, view site, or download app
  • See dynamic real-time distance, store location, and maps
All ads are persistent adhesion banners, meaning that as users scroll, the ad remains above the fold.

Audible Offers

Drive substantial, measurable value from your broadcast ads

Unheard of, but now possible with Valassis’ amazing mobile app technology solution. Allows you to send offers via audio signals from your broadcast advertising to consumers’ mobile devices – driving purchases online or in-store.

TV | Radio | YouTube

How does Valassis Audible Offers work?


Key Ring App

Convert shoppers to buyers with this all-in-one shopping app

Key Ring™ helps over 2 million monthly unique users plan, save and organize their trips. It’s a great place for you to advertise and entice high-intent buyers.

  • Holds loyalty cards, coupons and shopping lists
  • Drives awareness and activation throughout the path to purchase
  • Uses first-party targeting, timely notifications, and strong calls to action

Total Loyalty Solutions App

What if you could build your own custom app?

Even better, we’ll do it – from set up to success. For locally-owned businesses as well as national brands, a custom-branded app allows you to:

  • Show customers what makes your products and service unique
  • Send push notifications about specials and events
  • Provide incentives such as mobile coupons and rewards cards
  • Offer the convenience of online ordering
  • Link to your website
  • Connect to a dynamic email marketing program
Open rate and click-through rates perform at top of industry standards.
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Handy reference for a variety of digital and mobile solutions that drive awareness and activation.

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