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email-marketing-stat 1 Radicati Group, 2015, 2 Marketing Sherpa, 2015

Solo Email


Email is a low-cost way to increase awareness and traffic

Turn more prospects into customers. Our high-quality lists allow you to target opted-in consumers who have self-reported their interests. They’d like to see what you’re offering – making our targeted Email Marketing a desirable addition to your media plan.

  • 100% opted-in database
  • Over 100 million addresses
  • Reach prospects at home, at work and on-the-go
  • Choose from hundreds of demographic and psychographic targeting variables
72% of U.S. adults say email is their #1 preferred way

to receive communications from companies.

Source: MarketingSherpa, Feb. 2015. N = 2,057

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Blog: How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

  • Track performance over time
  • Search for inspiration
  • Start experimenting
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Case Study

Casual dining restaurant wanted additional touch points for BOGO promotion
Delighted client used strategy again
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click-to-open rate

(industry average is 7 – 11%)

Curated email databases enhance relevancy

email-marketing-icon1 Affluent Consumers
email-marketing-icon2 Fitness Enthusiasts
email-marketing-icon3 Luxury Apparel Shoppers
email-marketing-icon4 Personal Investors
email-marketingicon5 Arts & Entertainment
email-marketing-icon2 Live Music Enthusiasts
email-marketing-icon3 Millennials 18-32
email-marketing-icon4 Pet Owners
email-marketing-icon9 Hobbies & Interests
email-marketing-icon10 Movie Enthusiasts
email-marketing-icon11 Moms/Children in HH
email-marketing-icon12 Style & Fashion
email-marketingicon-13 Healthcare
email-marketing-icon14 Sports Enthusiasts
email-marketing-icon15 Outdoor Enthusiasts
email-marketing-icon16 Vacation Travelers

Email is going mobile

72% of U.S. online adults send or receive personal emails via smartphone at least weekly

Source: Email Is Not Dead. But Email IS Changing. "Email Is Not Dead." Ed. Jordie Van Rijn. 1 Feb. 2015. Web. 6 Feb. 2015.; Forrester 2014

Shared Email


Amplify your reach with cooperative email

Save money by sharing the space and the cost. “Local Deal Seeker,” our co-operative email, showcases several advertisers and is sent from RedPlum, the brand consumers know and trust. Provides additional distribution of your print offer.

  • Up to 8 clients per email; local offers to be rotated
  • Link to your website or a landing page
  • More than one send per week; even more for your money
  • Great reporting and analytics
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